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Buffalo Fall Season




The Game of Futsal

BeArena Sports is a project of multi-sports schools, created by a Brazilian group of investors and coaches who dream of changing the world through sports. We have developed a multi-sport school that encourages children and youth to practice different types of activities throughout the year with a positive mindset in a welcoming environment that promotes fun and self-development. BE ARENA shares the view of Paulo Freire (1921 – 1997), a Brazilian educator who believed the learning process between coach and player should exist as a dynamic and continual exchange.

BeArena has various clinics they host throughout the year, teaching kids on how to improve their skills with hand and ball, by playing Futsal. Kids have great fun while they learn to control a ball better and improve their footwork. This helps to improve their skills in various other sports.

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Futsal players at one of our clinics. Futsal is fun!
Happy kids having fun at one of our Futsal clinics
Passion for the game of Futsal
Futsal teaches you better control for playing soccer
Futsal helps you master various techniques for playing soccer


BeArena Sports

Phone: (716) 330-0404